Shadowplay with Ivysgrand

Male art nude Male art nudes is a fine, fine line. One photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of watching evolve in his style is ivysgrandkid, a 19 year old from San Francisco who really knows how to tame lights.

I don’t know how he was trained or what he uses, but there’s no denying his style is artistic and elevates the human anatomy to a statuesque level — thanks to his effective use of lights. His lighting lends a sculptural quality to his subjects, equal parts light as well as shadow. His lighting is brave and self-restricting.

If a strobist is one who knows how to control light, would there be an opposite to that? A shadowist? A negatist? It all sounds not so glamorous, but once you see what I’m describing it will all sound beautiful.

Check out his photostream and prepare to be inspired.


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