Droolworthy Canon SX10

Canon SX10
So the Canon SX10 is coming out soon, but should I really be this excited?

It’s got the same specs as the Rebel XTi, but there are two great features that makes it a great new acquisition:

  1. 20x Optical zoom: Do I really need to explain why this is a killer feature? it’s just awesome to go from landscape to grass blade at the flick of a wrist. Oh, okay maybe not that dramatic, but still…
  2. Flip-out LCD screen: It’s a silly, gimmicky thing, I know. But I miss having it. It makes self-portraits and group shots a hellluva lot easier to do. If it wasn’t for my flip-out LCD back in the day, I wouldn’t exist in photos at all!

The $400 price tag is also nice.


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  1. Erum on

    I wouldn’t call the swivel screen silly and gimmicky. It is either that or extremely useful. It can’t be both at the same time.

    And personally for me it is now a must have feature. How else do you take those over the crowd photos or photos at weird angles and hard to get macro shots?

    Definitely not silly and gimmicky!

    Now if only I can find a review of the camera. Hasn’t anyone gotten their hands on one, yet? I have pre-ordered mine but have yet to receive it.

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