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Erik Boker Photography

At first glance you’re disgusted and intrigued, then you it’s realize it’s a product you use everyday and … well, you just don’t know what to think now do you?

Regardless of your squeamish opinion there’s no doubt that Erik Boker is somewhat of a genius. Like Picasso, he juxtaposes things fucking with our mental expectations. Like Leonardo Da Vinci he is curious and cross-examines notions. Like Michelangelo he appreciates beauty, both natural and artificial. I may be exaggerating, but he’s got the awards to back up his ingenuity.

His portraits are also intriguing and excellently executed. He manages to capture the essence of his subjects, and he makes it seems so effortless.

Indulge in his work, it will inspire you.


Vintage Vacationland

Ana Nance, NorwayI love the vintage quality behind Ana Nance’s travel images. There are no indications of capture dates (pre-EXIF data?) so we’re left to draw our own conclusions. It reminds me of when I was a child and I’d see photos of Disney’s Tomorrowland. So that’s what Norway looks like. I always thought it’d look…different.

I also love the muted and split-toned colors found throughout her portfolio. If the photos were digital, i’d attribute it to post-processing, but I don’t think it is. I’m no expert on film, but to me her work bears the same quality and spirit of genuine film vacation memories, the best kind.

discovered via: Rachel Hulin

Humor in Photography

Humor in Photography

Humor in Photography

There’s something infinitely refreshing about a photographer who applies humor to his art. I recently started my own humorous series inspired by the photography of Aaron Ruell. Of course, I knew I’d never come close to the precise and detail oriented photography of Mr. Ruell, but I didn’t intend to anyways.

Injecting humor into photographs of subjects not normally associated with humor is a brave and inspiring thing. From having done it, I can tell you there is a very fine line between funny and crass or overdone.

I recently stumbled upon the photoblog of Steve Korn. His latest shot of bassist Clipper Anderson is the perfect example of that. It’s simple, speaks volumes and humorous! Well done, Steve!

Check out my Quirky Photography Project and let me know what you think.

Also, if you know of any artists that do the humor thing well, let me know.

Shadowplay with Ivysgrand

Male art nude Male art nudes is a fine, fine line. One photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of watching evolve in his style is ivysgrandkid, a 19 year old from San Francisco who really knows how to tame lights.

I don’t know how he was trained or what he uses, but there’s no denying his style is artistic and elevates the human anatomy to a statuesque level — thanks to his effective use of lights. His lighting lends a sculptural quality to his subjects, equal parts light as well as shadow. His lighting is brave and self-restricting.

If a strobist is one who knows how to control light, would there be an opposite to that? A shadowist? A negatist? It all sounds not so glamorous, but once you see what I’m describing it will all sound beautiful.

Check out his photostream and prepare to be inspired.

70 vs. 1

Basketball by Dustin Snipes
Just saw these amazing basketball portraits done by photographer Dustin Snipes — and no, he’s not related to Wesley Snipes in any way.

Not only is his lighting superb and smart, but his efficiency is impressive — he shot 70 basketball players in 2 days! He managed to squeeze three different looks out of that tiny space. But, what’s great about this anecdote is you don’t need to know his hardships to appreciate the final product. Check out his blog for more details and his lighting setup.

found via Strobist