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Droolworthy Canon SX10

Canon SX10
So the Canon SX10 is coming out soon, but should I really be this excited?

It’s got the same specs as the Rebel XTi, but there are two great features that makes it a great new acquisition:

  1. 20x Optical zoom: Do I really need to explain why this is a killer feature? it’s just awesome to go from landscape to grass blade at the flick of a wrist. Oh, okay maybe not that dramatic, but still…
  2. Flip-out LCD screen: It’s a silly, gimmicky thing, I know. But I miss having it. It makes self-portraits and group shots a hellluva lot easier to do. If it wasn’t for my flip-out LCD back in the day, I wouldn’t exist in photos at all!

The $400 price tag is also nice.


Flexible flashing

Vertex PressliteLike the staple-free stapler, it’s about time someone invented the Vertex Presslite!

This genius invention uses simple technology to achieve fantastic results. Check out the 3D demo on their site for a better explanation of how this crazy thing called reflection actually works.

Definitely a must-have for the minimalist strobists out there!