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Adobe power corrupts absolutely

Photo fakes
Photoshop has gotten a bad rep over the years. Once used as a last-minute salvaging tool for photographers, the increasingly-popular Adobe software has found itself being sorely abused by amateurs and, sad to say, professionals alike.

The Telegraph counts down some of the most infamous photography fakes to date. From obviously bad cloning to clever photo-merging, these hoaxes will serve as a reminder to the addage: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Probably the most forgivable of the bunch is the famous “Fairies” photo from 1917 (seen above) simply for the fact that it was low-tech method that required some manual work and creativity.

I dread the day when Photoshop is available to anyone and everyone. Oh wait, it already is.


Denied by Photoshelter

I wasn't real enough for them.

I wasn't real enough for them.

Like any egotist proud photographer, I believe my images should be seen everywhere, so I jump at any opportunity I can to showcase my portfolio. When I first heard about Photoshelter from Chase Jarvis (via his blog, mind you — I wish I knew him personally), I was struck by their noble words:

We believe photography is an art and a profession, not a commodity. We are determined to restore diversity and freshness to this industry. We believe photographers deserve a level playing field and the majority percentage of their sales. Our community is open and growing by the hundreds every week. Free to Join.

So I signed up.

It was a week later that I received a rejection notice from the folks at Photoshelter. Apparently my photos aren’t real enough.

Now, I could have jumped to a lot of conclusions, but what I decoded was that my style wasn’t photojournalistic enough. Fair enough, my photos are completely posed, but it’s still a form of storytelling.

Oh well, they have their ideals and I have mine. I just thought it funny how I was denied by one of the few services that provided hope for the underdog photographer.

Suck on D’s nuts

So the Nikon D90 is almost going to be released to the masses. Everyone’s favorite ninja commercial photographer Chase Jarvis got to exclusively try it out before it’s officially on sale.

here’s some video evidence if you don’t believe me:

This is upsetting because I love my Canon Rebel XTi, but after seeing this, I’m tempted to jump ship and join the Nikon users.

What was the thing that sold me on this gadget? The movie recording function. It records in 720p, blowing my expectations out of the water! I thought it was going to be another 320px x 480px point-n-shoot type recorder. But noooo! This makes me want to sell my Canon XL1 and use the Nikon D90 instead to produce my films.

Must stay strong…must stick with Canon…

C’mon Canon, the ball’s in your court — come out with a DSLR that will record in 720p!