70 vs. 1

Basketball by Dustin Snipes
Just saw these amazing basketball portraits done by photographer Dustin Snipes — and no, he’s not related to Wesley Snipes in any way.

Not only is his lighting superb and smart, but his efficiency is impressive — he shot 70 basketball players in 2 days! He managed to squeeze three different looks out of that tiny space. But, what’s great about this anecdote is you don’t need to know his hardships to appreciate the final product. Check out his blog for more details and his lighting setup.

found via Strobist


Ultimate Nerdness

Ultimate Nerdness

Ultimate Nerdness,
originally uploaded by Jorge R.

Who needs the Nikon D-90’s HD video recording? Not this guy apparently.

Canon fights fire with fire…

Not long after the Nikon D90 was announced (and tested) does Canon announce the 5D Mark II. The rumors are already flying and I hope with every fiber of my being that the HD Movie Mode feature bears at least some truth! If they make good on this one, I’m sticking with Canon indefinitely!

Pianist Earl Wild

Pianist Earl Wild

Pianist Earl Wild,
originally uploaded by jscene1.

I’m meeting with a new client on Monday. He’s a jazz pianist and he digs my dramatic style. He’s releasing two new CDs, so he’s looking to re-invent his image.

This is a beautiful image that’s striking, yet simple. I can only hope to produce such a photo. We shall see where this new adventure takes me!

Suck on D’s nuts

So the Nikon D90 is almost going to be released to the masses. Everyone’s favorite ninja commercial photographer Chase Jarvis got to exclusively try it out before it’s officially on sale.

here’s some video evidence if you don’t believe me:

This is upsetting because I love my Canon Rebel XTi, but after seeing this, I’m tempted to jump ship and join the Nikon users.

What was the thing that sold me on this gadget? The movie recording function. It records in 720p, blowing my expectations out of the water! I thought it was going to be another 320px x 480px point-n-shoot type recorder. But noooo! This makes me want to sell my Canon XL1 and use the Nikon D90 instead to produce my films.

Must stay strong…must stick with Canon…

C’mon Canon, the ball’s in your court — come out with a DSLR that will record in 720p!

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