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Erik Boker Photography

At first glance you’re disgusted and intrigued, then you it’s realize it’s a product you use everyday and … well, you just don’t know what to think now do you?

Regardless of your squeamish opinion there’s no doubt that Erik Boker is somewhat of a genius. Like Picasso, he juxtaposes things fucking with our mental expectations. Like Leonardo Da Vinci he is curious and cross-examines notions. Like Michelangelo he appreciates beauty, both natural and artificial. I may be exaggerating, but he’s got the awards to back up his ingenuity.

His portraits are also intriguing and excellently executed. He manages to capture the essence of his subjects, and he makes it seems so effortless.

Indulge in his work, it will inspire you.


Adobe power corrupts absolutely

Photo fakes
Photoshop has gotten a bad rep over the years. Once used as a last-minute salvaging tool for photographers, the increasingly-popular Adobe software has found itself being sorely abused by amateurs and, sad to say, professionals alike.

The Telegraph counts down some of the most infamous photography fakes to date. From obviously bad cloning to clever photo-merging, these hoaxes will serve as a reminder to the addage: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Probably the most forgivable of the bunch is the famous “Fairies” photo from 1917 (seen above) simply for the fact that it was low-tech method that required some manual work and creativity.

I dread the day when Photoshop is available to anyone and everyone. Oh wait, it already is.

Humor in Photography

Humor in Photography

Humor in Photography

There’s something infinitely refreshing about a photographer who applies humor to his art. I recently started my own humorous series inspired by the photography of Aaron Ruell. Of course, I knew I’d never come close to the precise and detail oriented photography of Mr. Ruell, but I didn’t intend to anyways.

Injecting humor into photographs of subjects not normally associated with humor is a brave and inspiring thing. From having done it, I can tell you there is a very fine line between funny and crass or overdone.

I recently stumbled upon the photoblog of Steve Korn. His latest shot of bassist Clipper Anderson is the perfect example of that. It’s simple, speaks volumes and humorous! Well done, Steve!

Check out my Quirky Photography Project and let me know what you think.

Also, if you know of any artists that do the humor thing well, let me know.