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Denied by Photoshelter

I wasn't real enough for them.

I wasn't real enough for them.

Like any egotist proud photographer, I believe my images should be seen everywhere, so I jump at any opportunity I can to showcase my portfolio. When I first heard about Photoshelter from Chase Jarvis (via his blog, mind you — I wish I knew him personally), I was struck by their noble words:

We believe photography is an art and a profession, not a commodity. We are determined to restore diversity and freshness to this industry. We believe photographers deserve a level playing field and the majority percentage of their sales. Our community is open and growing by the hundreds every week. Free to Join.

So I signed up.

It was a week later that I received a rejection notice from the folks at Photoshelter. Apparently my photos aren’t real enough.

Now, I could have jumped to a lot of conclusions, but what I decoded was that my style wasn’t photojournalistic enough. Fair enough, my photos are completely posed, but it’s still a form of storytelling.

Oh well, they have their ideals and I have mine. I just thought it funny how I was denied by one of the few services that provided hope for the underdog photographer.